Secrets of The Heart


 DSC_0075e4x6WP   DSC_0075e4x6BWWP

I have purposely denied myself shooting time so I could dive into my unruly work flow and pull out some photos to enter in upcoming contests/showings. If I choose color it has to be 8×10 which would allow me to zoom in a bit more to better show off the tulip’s reproductive organs but I am not sure the focal plane will hold up to that kind of scrutiny. The stigma looks out of focus but it’s not. It’s actually covered with strings of webbing. I feel safer in 4X6, the size for B&W in this particular contest. The theme is Wonderful World and I am to show plant detail. I’m using the lyric, “Don’t know much Biology” as my muse.

Fellow photogs I’d appreciate feedback. Thank you.

EDIT: Specifically 1) first I thought the focal plane was weird but realized it was…fluff or whatever that spider left behind. Is the focal plane odd? 2) Does the white spider detract from the plant parts? I find it leads my eye on a merry chase around the bokeh in the background and brings me back to the plant parts. 3) Is it more powerful in B&W or Color?

I’m not above asking for feedback. I’m finding clients will tell me one thing…but they didn’t really mean it. I trust other artists.

4 thoughts on “Secrets of The Heart

  1. From the ‘for what it’s worth, IMHO, here’s my two cents…’ school of thought:
    I think it works better in color. It could just be the contrast between the two, or the fact that I viewed the color version first (and like all true lovers everywhere, we love what we have first seen), the B&W seems, somehow, in this instance, ‘less’ than the color version. There are things that are missing – and I’m not simply talking about hue, or saturation…
    Your mileage may vary…

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