Weekly Word Challenge Scale: Amidships



I came home from a night out with family, checked in on the blog, saw the numbers on one of my last post’s wasn’t as high as the others so I deleted it without checking the dashboard to see that some people who actually liked it had linked it. What can I say, I’m a brilliant idiot. I can’t reconstruct the nonsense I wrote..it was about the ginormous Under The Stars movie screen looking small from my point Amidships.

In any event here are the photos and links I deleted in my mad spate of editing. Profound apologies to those who linked. I am sure to accidentally erase others as I try to squeeze more storage room out of my allotted space. Sorry.



When it is not facing forward to capture the sea this cam is covering the space shown in the photos above: http://www.princess.com/bridgecams/


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9 thoughts on “Weekly Word Challenge Scale: Amidships

    1. Yeah, symmetry is not my usual thing. Not sure what possessed me to shoot this way. I wanted to post a marvelous off center landscape oriented shot where you could see the whole ship but tell from the lighter teal wake in the ultramarine sea that the boat was turning starboard, broadsides to the wind.

      We were just talking today…we want to go on another big boat. We were talking while we were looking over a 25 foot Catalina Cruiser we are contemplating buying as our first sailboat.

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