Weekly Photo Challenge Scale: Facing Aft At Sunrise



I cannot get enough of this ship, Caribbean Princess. She is so beautifully designed she was a delight to sail on and a dream to shoot. This photo shows that flying deck, 19, that presides over the entire ship like a right benevolent air foil. It houses the Skywalkers Nightclub. The photo below shows the underside of the air foil and a closer look at that Terrace Pool on the Riviera Deck.

It was a once in a life time trip to ‘swim’ in that little pool or take your morning coffee on one of the terraces above it and bask in the glory of being ‘At Sea’. These super liner class cruise ships are astounding.

Web Cam From the Bridge of the Caribbean Princess, from this link you can ‘navigate’ around the ship: http://www.princess.com/bridgecams/


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Scale: Facing Aft At Sunrise

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  2. What a beautiful ship! After looking at those pictures, I can easily close my eyes and pretend I’m laying somewhere by the pool and catching some sun rays. How painful was it to leave that place?? I would have cried.

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  4. I love to travel by cruise ship as you still have the freedom to walk around and investigate all the nooks and crannies… I don’t feel as confined as I do on a sailboat. Nice photos.

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