Sun on Snow

Sun On Snow

SunOnSnow2Coreopsis, daisies, hare bells, ferns, wild lilies and grasses in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan

We drove North to kayak Lake Huron but it was a hot day with an unstable air mass. There was lightning to the distant West so we left the kayaks on the trailer and in full-on, goofy-looking, too-warm kayak gear I went chasing butterflies through the roadside flowers. We do not spray our ditches with pesticides in Michigan and you can see our rewards.

We didn’t get to do what we came to do but it was a great morning. There were a lot of wild strawberries weaving through those wind blown flowers. I picked and ate them while resting between long, idle stretches of chasing butterflies. My partner found a kayak paddle that had blown into a lakeside spruce tree and it had the owners name marked on it. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is lightly populated and it feels like everybody knows everyone else. That made it easy to find the owner by asking around and checking the local phone book. The owner was so glad to get their paddle back they left us $20 bucks at our hotel’s front desk. We bought beer with our unexpected ‘wind’fall.

We got stormed out of paddling, stuck in our truck unable to move because of the torrential rain, had some really questionable bar food, got to ride the Drummond Ferry, read books, chased butterflies, picked no flowers and experienced a crystalline Drummond Isle sunset after the storm had passed. It was an all-around great day.

I hope you enjoyed this windblown bouquet of flowers from the awesome Summer of 2014 on this 4th day of February.

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