Della Robbia Blue

Himalayan Blue Poppies


Otherworldly, aren’t they? I gasped when I saw them at the Anchorage Botanical Gardens in the summer of 2012.

Our house is full of flu on this first day of February and weary of winter gray I am hungry for the blue of sky.  Was it Abraham Lincoln who said most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be? I am happy that I can abide this virus with modern luxuries and amongst those luxuries I hold dear are my photos of summers past.

I hope this photo of startling blue flowers make you happy too.

21 thoughts on “Della Robbia Blue

    • Thanks. I bought a pack of seeds even though I was afraid summers here may be a bit too hot for this flower. You could probably grow them where you are. They are quite tall and, well, as you said, stunning.

  1. That color is my constant favorite, and yes, those flowers would match with the jungles of the planet in the Avatar movie (I don’t remember much the dialogues but instead the landscapes)

      • Yes, we have some blue flowers right now in our summer in the Andean Plateau, but I’ve to walk some kilometers to see them, the next week I’ll post them, but they don’t have that tone of the flowers in the photograph, really looks from another world.
        I didn’t love the plot of Avatar, but visually it’s nice to see, in science fiction my favorite ever is Blade Runner 😉

  2. Love poppy … it’s one of my favourite flowers … if not THE favourite. Had no idea there were blue ones. Will be interesting to read about the outcome of @myfoodandflowers effort. Not that I have a garden, but still…

    • Flu is a drag, its complications can be scary so I’ve stayed down and am visiting other people’s blogs that I have neglected over the holidays. Get well soon.

      Thanks for the poppy comment.

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