Still Life

“Olly, Olly, Outs In Free”

“Lost Music Glasses and Vase, Circa 2008”


Dear Orange Music-Reading Glasses,

I apologize. I don’t know what I did to frighten you away but, please, forgive me and, please, please come home. The bass sits in the corner as you hide. The game is up, “Olly, Olly, Outs In Free.”


Has anyone seen my glasses?

EDIT: My cousins pointed out I had the phrase wrong. It is not ally, ally, in come free, it is olly, olly, outs in free. I was chatting with another blogger…did you have a phrase you used when playing games outside?

8 thoughts on “Still Life

      • Thanks very much for your gentleness ^_^ I think your words about the missed glasses and the light and arrangement in the photograph speaks united wonderfully, much more than more pixels in displays as mine that have low resolution and couldn’t take advantage of a larger file but enough to show me your art.

      • You are more than welcome. Are you familiar with the childhood phrase, “Allee, allee, in come free.”? I my midwestern neighborhood we chanted it when whatever game we were playing was over. It meant that all the children still playing/hiding in the dark could now come home to home base and not be worried about being tagged ‘it’ or tagged ‘out’. I never hear children say this anymore. Here in USA it is because they are all inside playing computer games or watching TV.

        I got off subject there but I wonder if children from other cultures play similar games and when the game is over do they chant, “Allee, allee, in come free”.

      • Interesting… actually we had our phrases but not an analogous (and useful) chant, now I’ll never forget it.
        In Peru is the same I think, internet games especially, who knows, perhaps they’ve a similar chant in their chat rooms when they have to let the internet.
        I’d love that chant when child, there was no signal of a proper end in our games.

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