Read The Fine Print

Photographer’s be wary and read the fine print. Someone wanted me to send some photos through email. Microsoft wanted me to use Microsoft One Spot or they wouldn’t continue sending my (watermarked) work. Straight from their terms that you must accept to go forward:

“3.2. Who can access my Content? You have initial control over who may access your Content. However, if you share Content in public areas of the Services, through features that permit public sharing of Content, or in shared areas available to others you’ve chosen, you agree that anyone you’ve shared Content with may, for free, use, save, reproduce, distribute, display, and transmit that Content in connection with their use of the Services and other Microsoft, or its licensees’, products, and services. If you don’t want others to have that ability, don’t use the Services to share your Content. You represent and warrant that for the duration of this Agreement you have (and will have) all the rights necessary for the Content you upload or share on the Services and that the use of the Content, as contemplated in this section 3.2, won’t violate any law.”

Cover your…assets.

5 thoughts on “Read The Fine Print

    • So I went down today to talk to the people who wanted me to send photos through the mail. They wanted me to give them my photos for free for print medium. I’m so disheartened just now.

      • It’s a common belief that anything posted on the internet is free for the taking. the reality is absolutely everything is intellectual property belonging to someone. This may be the time for you to look at the Creative Commons for an appropriate copyright logo for your blog page, or make some sort of copyright statement. Just last week the WP Daily Post covered this very issue in detail. i search the post and email the link. it may help you avoid a repeat.

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