Art Prize: Weave Peace


This young art lover looks proud of her contribution to Michelle Hansen’s interactive installation; Weave Peace.

Sunday was a spectacular fall day in West Michigan and many chose to celebrate by attending Art Prize, Grand Rapids’ international art competition. My job this day was media; go out and see what I could see. There was much to delight the eye and soul.

DSC_0072  DSC_0065

I was looking for works that fully engaged the viewer and Ms. Hansen did a great job of just that. The woven support was bare on the first day. These photos are from the second day of the two week competition. I must return to see this again in Mid-October.

DSC_2618  DSC_2619  DSC_2628

The viewers write out their hopes, dreams and wishes and then tie them to the woven frame.

DSC_0074  I really want to know what the rest of her wish was.

People usually walk quickly by a lot of the art in Art Prize but this work drew people in. Participants were so absorbed in their part of the peace. It is a wonderfully engaging concept.



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