The Wonder of Nature’s Creative Edge 2014

IMG_9648InterludeWonder copyI went to Nature’s Creative Edge on Friday night. It was enchanting, uplifting and delightful. I smiled the whole evening. There were children and adults and most were enraptured with these ‘Elven’ creations. One expected to see wee faeries dancing about it was that magical.

DSC_1922  DSC_0033Orbital copy  DSC_0036RustLust copy

The event was sponsored by the American Institute of Floral Designers, a non-profit group dedicated to promoting the art of floral design and it was a fund raiser for scholarship monies and a chance for members to strut their stuff. It was held in a 10 acre wood at the home of Robert Friese, whom, incidentally was also the creator of one of my personal favorites, “Orbital”, above center.

IMG_9214LampeModerne  DSC_0020TubularColor copy  IMG_9270SaturnRising copy

IMG_9234BarrellofMonkeys copy

As the sun went down the Faerie lights came up and the pleasant laughter and conversation grew in chorus with the last of the summer crickets. It was like being at a no-cocktail woodland cocktail party.

IMG_9427Prism copy  DSC_0117Prism copy  IMG_9562LotusGate copy

As the light changed so did the nature of each individual work. Some works easily blended into the woods early in the evening but were striking when lit as night deepened. Some works sparkled, some where interactive, some were challenging, all transported their audience. It was a night for all ages and all beheld with the wonder of a child.

 DSC_0112Interlude copy


This was a mesmerizing evening and look forward to next year’s 11th incarnation.

DSC_0057 copy

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11 thoughts on “The Wonder of Nature’s Creative Edge 2014

    1. Exactly! Everyone was smiling, their eyes filled with childlike wonder. I have so many photos of delighted people interacting with and discussing the art. The individual artists, the host and all the volunteers did a fabulous job. 🙂

  1. Very very cool! That does feel so magical. An event I’d definitely go to. Love the clear images too. You captured the magic and the delights perfectly.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I wish the designers great success etc but if this event grew any bigger it would loose some of the cachet. Flowers are such a fleeting medium so it’s not like they could extend the run of the show. If I was rich I would have bought tickets for the next day to shoot it all again in the rain.

    1. Thank you. I saw your post about the New Zealand show you have coming up and thought you’d like Nature’s Edge. I’d be curious to see how your show turns out.

      1. Thanks; I think I’ll probably be posting quite a lot about it when I get time. This is the 10th event we’re run (when I say we, I only got involved at the time of the last exhibition, but some of my colleagues have been part of every event since 1996!). We’ve got over 100 artists participating in the outdoor exhibition and a whole lot more doing smaller pieces for an indoor gallery. We’re so close now everyone is in panic mode, but I’m sure it will all be ok when we open.

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