Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

I am posting out of sequence this summer. This is an earlier challenge but I’ve been clearing files and found this ‘relic’. It had washed up onto the rip rap in front of the lighthouse on Big Sable Point this past spring. It was water-logged, a weathered 8″x 8″ -ish thick, about knee high and a mighty struggle for me to rescue it out of the surf zone. It appears to be a solid oak carved peice of a beam. There are two perfect holes carved in to it and that bolt is also carved wood. Unusual, that. A lot of ships have went down on those sandbars over the years. (http://wmup.org/shipwrecks/). I’m not sure if this relic is from a boat, a barge, a flag pole, or an original piece from somewhere on the lighthouse grounds of the 19th century.

I thought it would look fine on my hearth or down at the boat club but I turned it over to Ludington State Park. It’s not a stunning shot but rather a good mystery. I’d love to know what this is.DSC_7100relicDoes anyone know what this ‘relic’ is?


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