Looking Towards Evanston

Looking Towards Evanston

Same Friday the 13th shoot from Rogers Park, this time looking north from one of the Rogers Park piers. We went to Chicago to visit friends and help with home improvement projects. Aside from the work we did manage to get out and about. We went to Andersonville, twice, because, hello, Swedish Bakery. We also made it to Hamburger Mary’s and a couple of funky arts shops packed with needful things. We stumbled upon yet another good Mexican restaurant up on Touhey and Clark. As we sat outside and watched the world go the rest of the patrons sat inside watching the World Cup.

Good intentions of paddling from this little beach up to the Evanston Lighthouse were not realized because no matter how desolate the beach the Chicago Life Guard will not see reason. Time was I would sneak into The Lake before or after their official duty hours but dinner parties and late mornings cut into my kayak time. I did, however, get up to the Evanston farmer’s market where the iced coffee was outstanding. There were other things but I was consumed by the coffee.

If you look closely at the picture you will see families and friends out on blankets watching the orange moonrise. I was showing my friend how to use his new Canon and he was geeked. His joy was inspiring. It was a lovely evening.

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