Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog

Happy first full day of Spring. Although this was taken a month ago this spot is still choked with ice. It is melting though and in another 2 or 3 weeks I’ll have a kayak where she’s cradling that dog.

BTW, they repaired that light this summer so it is freshly painted and blinding against the snow. They have yet to remove the protective paper from the lantern. I was able to take well-balanced photos at the end of the pier but here, on the side, shooting into that wall of white I blew out the highs because I forgot to stop down. I was in a hurry to capture that red coat and white dog.


3 thoughts on “Walking the Dog

    • Thanks, actually, I have a couple from this spot. Have you ever kayaked here? It can be very crowded in the summer but it’s nice to sit in the boat and marvel at the people on the pier. I rarely use the sea kayak here due to logistics. The nearest put in is on the Grand clear up by the 31 draw bridge. That makes it a couple miles of dirty river with a lot of boat traffic. It is not optimal hauling the 18′ and 19′ across city beach sand to launch (Not allowed to have a boat on the State Park side.). We also got tired of trying to land the big boats through throngs of young kids at city beach. They do pop into your trajectory line at the last moment sometimes. I grab the little Pyrhana for paddling here. It’s not ‘good’ for anything in particular but I use it for darn near everything.

      • No, I haven’t kayaked there, yet. I’m on a mission to start kayaking further afield. I’m lucky that I can launch from my town’s beach in the middle of the Nat’l Lakeshore. Sometimes the waters out there get pretty crazy, though. During the summer I tend to avoid the weekends and I always give a huge sigh of relief the Tuesday after Labor Day!

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