Para-Kite Skiing Lake Michigan

Earlier this evening I went over the dune to see what I could see for sunset photos and over the vast, mountain ranges of ice I saw those kite cowboys again. Four of them, flying along the icy mountain ridges with skiis (one had a snowboard) occasionally launching into the skies with respectable hang time and yippeeeing and whoopin’ it up all the way up and down The Lake.

This is low res but you catch the joy in that first “Yippeeeeeee”. I got some great shots with the Nikon that I hope to share later. I should invest in a better low light HD video cam. Inexpensive is good because I live in water and sand. My waterproof pocket cam does not do well in low light. This was shot on my phone which, coincidentally, doesn’t do well in low light either.


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